Time will tell. For now, this is what we know.

Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance or mmino wa setso is a dynamic practice, known amongst rural communities in Limpopo province specifically, and broadly in urban areas of Gauteng and Limpopo provinces. The inaugural festival consists of a series of closed workshops and public performances from local Dinaka/Kiba groups. The festival aims to afford Dinaka/Kiba practitioners a space to showcase their capabilities and possibilities.

Dinaka/Kiba is an important heritage from pre-colonial Southern Africa. In spite the fact that the music is one of the oldest indigenous genres in Southern Africa, the art form continues to struggle to make an impact in the lives of communities due to structural challenges. The festival is strategically designed to re-engineer the art form by dealing with structural challenges in a quest to ensure that Dinaka/Kiba artists benefit economically from their talents.

The organisers wish to make this an annual ‘school’, humbly asking what defines a festival and what can it do for public space. With kind support from the National Arts Council of South Africa this year, the festival aims to set the tone for proposed future developmental initiatives alongside the festival. This includes amongst many; research projects aimed at using scientific inquiry to identify problems towards innovative solutions.


One thought on “What is a festival?

  1. A Dinaka/Kiba drum set has to be warmed up before any public performance, first; to enhance the sound of the drums, second; to ensure they are in sync with each other to provide a rythm that supports meletse(dance styles) of baletši during a performance. Also, the use of fire(mollo) and water(meetse) to warm up meropa(drums) is an embodiement of the ritualistic element of the genre and the close links Dinaka/Kiba Music and Dance have with Indigenous African religion.


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